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Rice Cakes for Your Healthy Kiddos

 Rice Cakes for Your Healthy Kiddos It’s that time of the day again… the afternoon hunger has set in and your kids are begging for their favorite sweet treats (full of refined sugars and processed foods). With the chaos of life, it becomes so easy to throw a bag of Chips Ahoy their way to satisfy their wants. But wait an hour, the crash will come and the hunger will return. Finding quick snacks to fill up your little ones’ bellies shouldn’t be hard! We have searched to find quick, easy snacks that your kids will love and you can feel great about giving them! These rice cakes are the perfect snack. They combine antioxidants from the fruit, complex carbohydrates from...

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Helping your kids stay happy and healthy!

One effective way of ensuring that your kids stay focused, motivated, and energized is to provide them opportunities for exercise.    Studies show that kids who participate in at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity often have less stress, do better academically, and have stronger muscles and bones.     Helping kids stay active in our world today is becoming more and more difficult with all the distractions that technology can provide.  Here are 5 ideas to help you keep your little ones happy and active!    1- Participate in the fun! This is a great way to help your kids be active as they follow your example!    2- Let your kids play! The word “play” can be very powerful because it is associated...

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Top Nutrients in Watermelon

There's nothing quite as good as a ripe, fresh slice of watermelon on a summer day!  The top nutrients in watermelon are Vitamin C, Copper, and Pantothenic Acid.   Vitamin C: Helps heal cuts and wounds, aids with healthy teeth and gums, protects against free radicals, and encourages a healthy brain.   Copper: Helps with healthy bone and tissue, provides antioxidant protection, enables energy production, and supports cholesterol balance.   Pantothenic Acid: Aids in energy production and facilitates the metabolism of fats

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Valentine's Smoothie for your Healthy Kiddos

As parents, we always want to make holidays special for our healthy kiddos. One of my favorite ways to celebrate a special day is with a special breakfast! It's the perfect way to send the kids off to school. But sometimes the best "Pinterest Valentine's Breakfasts" are loaded with sugar and are guaranteed to leave the kids hungry. It's hard to find something quick, easy and festive to fuel your kids for the day ahead. This tasty strawberry banana smoothie from is the perfect Valentine's day breakfast! It's packed with Vitamin C to help fight off the winter sniffles and so good even the pickiest eater will love it. Top it off with a fun straw or dig in with a spoon.  You and your kids are...

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How "Healthy Kiddos" was born

I studied Exercise Science in college, and learned much about keeping the human body healthy.   My senior year I enrolled in a Lifestyle Medicine class where we reviewed the current published literature regarding the effects of lifestyle choices on health.  I was so amazed to learn that many of the diseases we face (especially in America) are not only preventable, but reversible! Although I had taken Exercise Physiology, Fitness for Life, and a handful of nutrition classes, this class ignited a passion for healthy living inside of me that has never gone away! After the completion of my Bachelor's Degree, I pursued a Master's Degree in Health Promotion and deepened my knowledge and understanding of what exactly helps us live...

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