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What can Broccoli do for your body?

Broccoli may have a bad reputation, but surprisingly, many kids love it! Quick steaming or raw are the best two ways to eat it. Broccoli has many nutrients, with the top 3 being:  Vitamin K: Essential in strengthening your bones and facilitates blood clotting to prevent excess bleeding. Vitamin C: Strengthens your gums and keeps your teeth healthy, helps the body to produce collagen to heal wounds faster. Folate: Keeps your brain, nervous system and spine healthy, decreases the risk of spinal cord defects in babies, and helps your heart and red blood cells. Shop our products to learn more of the nutrients that are in you and your kiddos favorite fruits and veggies! 

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Healthy, Dairy-Free Chocolate Peppermint Shake

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This is our favorite time of year and right now we're all about peppermint everything, specifically a chocolate peppermint milkshake (drool). This week as we sat staring at pictures of those yummy milkshakes, knowing full well we would pay to have a bloated, upset tummy after, we decided to make our own! This recipe is perfect, especially for you lactose-intolerant or vegan mamas/families out there. It's simple, yummy, and the kiddos won't be able to tell the difference.     Our secret ingredient is Califia Farms Dairy-Free Mint Cocoa Almond Milk Creamer. It is dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and only made with minimal, clean ingredients. Click here to learn more about Calfia's Almond Milk Creamers. It's a holiday staple in our...

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Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be out of Your Budget!

Have you ever been overwhelmed at the price of some health foods when shopping at your local grocery store? It can be a little daunting to look at the price difference between that all-natural snack bar and the generic granola bars. One thing that a lot of people get caught up on is the term organic. It feels like "organic" determines whether something is healthy or not. We're here to tell you that this is not the case at all! The term organic actually just means that the product has been grown or made without the use of any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), antibiotics, or growth hormones. Now, of course, we are not saying that organic is a scam; organic is...

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