About Us

Ann Earl is the founder and CEO of Healthy Kiddos. She is the mother of 5 darling red-headed children ages 10, 9, 6, and 3 year old twins! When she’s not in an endless cycle of cooking, cleaning, and laundry she enjoys playing outside with her kids, riding her road bike (without kids!), taking walks to the park and occasionally napping. Prior to her work with Healthy Kiddos, she served as Vice President of Client Relations for WellSteps--a worksite wellness company.  Ann received both her B.S. and M.S. degrees from BYU in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

Adam Earl is the Water Boy and Head Cheerleader of Healthy Kiddos.  He is the father of the 5 darling red-headed children and you’ll know he’s the Dad when you see his red hair too! He loves to eat, read, and spend time in the outdoors. Adam holds a BS degree in Business Finance as well as an MBA from BYU 

Our Story:

As an Exercise Science graduate, I knew the benefits of a healthy diet and was passionate about passing that along to my children.  I found that teaching them specifically about what each fruit and vegetable did in the body helped my children to want to eat them more.  While I could remember the key nutrients in a few fruits and vegetables off the top of my head, most seemed to be locked inside of my Mom brain! 

After searching the web for a kid-friendly resource, I discovered there wasn’t one to be found! My entrepreneurial husband suggested I create a product that would fulfill this need--maybe I wasn’t the only Mom in search of such a tool? Thus the vision for Healthy Kiddos was born!

We have spent many late nights together brain-storming, researching, and dreaming about ways to fulfill our mission of giving kids a reason WHY to eat fruits and vegetables.  We have been through many ideas, designs, material, and suppliers in hopes of bringing only the best, most useful tools under our brand. We hope you’ll come back often for ideas, new products, and most importantly our support!


Ann & Adam Earl