How "Healthy Kiddos" was born

I studied Exercise Science in college, and learned much about keeping the human body healthy.  

My senior year I enrolled in a Lifestyle Medicine class where we reviewed the current published literature regarding the effects of lifestyle choices on health.
 I was so amazed to learn that many of the diseases we face (especially in America) are not only preventable, but reversible!
Although I had taken Exercise Physiology, Fitness for Life, and a handful of nutrition classes, this class ignited a passion for healthy living inside of me that has never gone away!
After the completion of my Bachelor's Degree, I pursued a Master's Degree in Health Promotion and deepened my knowledge and understanding of what exactly helps us live the best, healthiest life possible.



About 4 years after completing my degree, I became a mother!

I was certain my children would be the healthiest eaters ever! How could they not? While I felt successful in some things, I always wished my kids would eat more fruits and veggies than they often did.

One day (I had 3 kids by now!), while feeding my children fresh pears for a snack, I was talking with my 4 year old daughter about antioxidants.  I explained that antioxidants are like "good guys" and they go after the "bad guys" (free radicals) in our body.

I then explained that the peels of fruits and vegetables contain the most antioxidants (the "good guys") so the more peels we eat, the better!

It was like a light went on in her head and she ate every last bite of the peel!  I realized I might be on to something here.  At the next meal, I explained the benefits of carrots, and she happily ate some proclaiming, "look, I can see better!"

After this, my children often wanted to know what nutrients were in the fruits and vegetables that I was serving.  While I could remember the major nutrients in some of the fruits and vegetables, I certainly couldn't remember them all.  And pausing at mealtimes to look up something on my phone wasn't always feasible.

I went on a search to purchase something I could use at mealtimes that would be a quick reference about the major nutrients in fruits and vegetables.  After many google searches and checking various websites, I discovered the resource I was looking for simply didn't exist.

My husband suggested I come up with a product that would provide information for moms/caretakers to help even "picky eaters" improve their eating habits.

We have spent many late nights together brain-storming, researching, and dreaming about ways to fulfill our mission of giving kids a reason WHY to eat fruits and vegetables.  We have been through many ideas, designs, material, and suppliers in hopes of bringing only the best, most useful tools under our brand.

While plates and flashcards are the initial products under the "Healthy Kiddos" brand, we're excited to bring many more to the market in the coming months!




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