Helping your kids stay happy and healthy!

One effective way of ensuring that your kids stay focused, motivated, and energized is to provide them opportunities for exercise. 


Studies show that kids who participate in at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity often have less stress, do better academically, and have stronger muscles and bones.  


Helping kids stay active in our world today is becoming more and more difficult with all the distractions that technology can provide.  Here are 5 ideas to help you keep your little ones happy and active! 


1- Participate in the fun! This is a great way to help your kids be active as they follow your example! 


2- Let your kids play! The word “play” can be very powerful because it is associated with having fun! Look for simple ways where your kids can have fun, like tag, playing catch, or even hide and seek! 


3- Create family activities that are fun and easy. These activities could include taking the dog for a walk, riding a bike, or going on a small hike. 


4- Limit the amount of time your children spend in front of a screen. Not only can computer and phone screens be harmful to our eyes, but they can become addicting as well. 


5- Listen to your children and mix it up! If you notice that your children are bored or uninterested in any activity, mix it up! Look for new ways to keep things fun! 


Combining healthy eating habits with daily exercise is the perfect way to kickstart your children’s mental, emotional, and physical health for the future! 

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